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Cloverleaf AC/DC Air Pump CL20

Cloverleaf AC/DC Air Pump CL20

Cloverleaf AC/DC Air Pump CL20

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Cloverleaf AC/DC Air pumps can help save your fish and biological system in the event of a power failure or pump failure they will automatically switch over to the internal battery to supply no interruption in air flow or pressure for up to 8 hours maintaining good oxygen levels to both filter systems and the pond reducing the risk of problems from adverse water conditions, once power has been restored the Cloverleaf air pump will automatically return to mains power operation and re charge the internal battery ready for the next time it is needed. No other air pump currently on the market can offer this unique feature.

Please note Cloverleaf AC/DC Air pumps are Volume pumps and not pressure the use of 2" ball air stones is recommended.

All Cloverleaf AC/DC Air pumps are supplied with a steel air branch the CL20 includes a 8 way branch for use with up to 8 air stones.

Technical Details:

Model: CL20

Litres: 65L

KPa: 20

Voltage: 185v-260v

Power: 75 watt

Battery Charge Time: 8hrs

Battery Work Time: 8hrs ( Variable )

Size: 350mmL x 215mmW x 195mmH

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