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Trade Sales

Cloverleaf products are supplied direct solely to Aquatic retail traders and Aquatic wholesalers.


Cloverleaf believe that the best products are those which totally satisfy the customer/client requirements in terms of function, performance, and value for money, and which are fully supported by technical expertise from the manufacturer & designers. This is why Cloverleaf is “Simply The Best”

Brand Name:

Hobbyist’s and Koi keepers around the world are already aware of the “Cloverleaf” brand and its praise worthy reputation, but alas are often at a loss when it comes to availability. Cloverleaf are keen to negotiate with any reputable international or home based aquatic trade retailer or distributor who wish their customers to enjoy “Simply The Best”.

Russia, USA, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Belgium, France, Germany, Cyprus, Norway, Canada and, Iceland are countries where numbers of hobbyists benefit from the use of Cloverleaf filters. Consequently the scope for promotion of the range of products can be regarded as most rewarding.


Cloverleaf’s expertise in exporting and shipping to numerous parts of the globe is extensive , and whilst distribution & marketing currently extends into the USA, the scope for enlargement is superb. Indeed the prospects are very exciting for those companies who wish to share in such opportunities.

Be part of the professional family – Become an international Cloverleaf retailer.

Commercial Projects:

Future Cloverleaf retailers/distributors can expect to be involved with prestigious commercial projects. Some of these contracts will be based upon design and supply. Naturally the Cloverleaf UK Design Team will offer full technical support where required.

The Future of Cloverleaf:

Development and research at Cloverleaf is an important aspect of the business, with the aim first class water quality, and a healthy environment for fish.

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