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A Giude to which Medication and Health and Saftey

Safety information

Avoid domestic animals drinking from a treated pond. Avoid contact with skin and clothes. The wearing of gloves is advised. Keep away from eyes. Wash hands after use. In the event of eye contact wash immediately with cold water if splashed into the eye seek medical advice. In the event of accidental swallowing contact your doctor or hospital immediately and have the treatment bottle with you. Never allow children to handle treatments. Keep all pond treatments in a safe place and away from children

Disposal of bottles and contents

The material and its container must be disposed of as hazardous waste. Avoid release to the environment. Do not attempt to burn. Do not flush into sanitary sewer system or surface water. Keep products away from drains, sewers, surface and ground water and soil. Visit your local refuse center for disposal and advice. Empty bottles may be disposed off with household refuse.

General advice

Be particularly careful not to overdose if your pond contains sterlets, tench, golden orfe, golden rudd these fish can be very sensitive to treatments. If in doubt consult your dealer. Some treatments can effect the biological filtration so it is recommended that you test your water condition for changes to nitrite and ammonia and if required add cloverleaf Absolute Bio Pearls or Absolute Bio Gel to your filter for rapid reinstatement of natural bacteria’s

Conditions of use are outside our company control, we can not accept any liability for loss or damage from incorrect diagnosis or inappropriate diagnosis when applying treatments

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