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Cloverleaf have received many telephone calls from users of Blanket Answer giving praise to the product, it is Cloverleaf’s pleasure to provide the pond keeper with a quality product that works effectively (as with all other Cloverleaf products). Below are a series of extracts taken from various internet pond related forums. Perhaps you have contributed to sharing the good news. If so thank you.


Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is the King!

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. I used this product April last year and still no blanket weed yet, its brill stuff. Cheers Andy.

After 14 years of blanket weed problems I have found a cure!!!!!!!!!! The product is called Blanket Answer and is sold by Cloverleaf .Its a powder you sprinkle onto the surface, It goes milky for a while and you must have a good air pump running with airstones. Up till 2 months ago I have always had 5mm of the shite on my pond walls. With this gear I have none. A BIG THANK YOU to Cloverleaf.

Hi all. I used this product about 2 years ago and its brilliant, so why try other things on the market if this works ??????

I'm amazed at just how good it actually is really. This may sound like a silly thing to say but when you look at the outside of the bottle, its very plain and basic and doesn't really 'glam' itself up as the wonder product that it seems that it is.

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. I don't know anyone it has NOT worked for.

I used Viresco and it had little effect. I also tried the No More Blanket Weed - didn’t have much luck with that either and seemed to get problems with my water after (though could have been a coincidence??) The only thing which actually ever got rid of the stuff for me was Cloverleaf. I think different ponds sometimes get different results but the Cloverleaf seems to have worked for many on this forum.

Hi Jason, I used the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer when my blanketweed got to a length of about half an inch in September 2005. The tub says the pond water will be milky for about 5 days but mine stayed milky for about 9 days. A bit of a worry at first because you cant see the fish. Don’t worry though this in my opinion is a superb product. Give it a try. Regards Scotty.

I have everyone’s blanket weed 3500 galls I use a water king elec controller uv and have tried almost every chemical on market (Cloverleaf seems to be working at moment).

It's working a treat....although my liner looks like sh!t at the mo. The filters have to be cleaned every other day and the pump the same. It's really dying down now though. Just need to invest in a good pond vac to clean everything up!

Try cloverleaf's Blanket weed answer it well turn your pond white for 5 or 6 days but it will clear and the b/w will die. Did mine last year (end of march) and still no b/w at all it is chemical free as well hope this helps

If you have approx £13 to spend...get some Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. This stuff is magic and trust clears the blanket weed.

Hi Richard. We had blanket weed so bad last year it was blocking the bottom drains, I used a full dose of the Cloverleaf blanket answer, It did make the pond look like milk for over a week but boy did it ever work, infact it worked so well the dead blanket weed was blocking the filters! This was early summer 2005 and not had a touch of blanket weed since, The sides of the pond are showing the fibreglass with just a tinge of brown stuff growing on it.

Cheers Pete for the advice, my local dealer doesn't stock Blanket Answer yet but I am sure he will when he checks my post out and sees what people are saying about it.

Hi. I had bad blanket weed last summer. Pond Balance did nothing for it, even though I had success with it the year before, and it didn't stop throughout this winter. A few weeks ago I tried the Cloverleaf. This seems to be working quite well though it still hasn't all gone yet. But considering some of it was up to 5ft long, it hasn't done too bad.

As always people have different opinions, but I don’t think you will go far wrong with Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. I would recommend.

The best and only stuff I have used is the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. I used to have blanket weed but not anymore. Ian.

Hi Mark, If its blanket weed that you have, the best product to use is Cloverleaf Blanket Answer. This will clear it up.

Try Cloverleaf Blanketweeed I’ve used it and I found it very very good cheers andy

Cloverleaf product is superb. Since application I’ve been advised that a half dose is enough, l did a full dose and the pond took a month to clear, it looked awful. I agree...Cloverleaf, I tried many products before this without results, but this stuff worked.

I've just purchased a bottle of the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer and have applied a dose to commence the 4 - 5 days of milky water. I'm now eager to see if the treatment lives up to the praise it gets!! I think the fish are wondering what the hell I'm doing as I strive to clean my water and I've just chucked a load of powder in but hopefully their understand in a few days!! Being a very impatient person, I couldn't give the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer 4-5 days to do its stuff..... I gave it 3 days instead......And not a sign of blanketweed in sight. Believe me, I had loads of it. All ponds sides were covered, huge long strands of it were almost reaching a foot or two long. All the pipes feeding to my pump and air stones were covered. but now everything is clear as a bell (of blanketweed at least, the water still needs sorting). So 10 out of 10 for this product and massively recommended if you have the problem!!

I applied one application at the beginning of the season, NO Blanketweed since, not even when we had the heat wave, pond had remained blanketweed Free!!!! I'm hoping next season brings the same success.

When I spoke to John at Cloverleaf he said they had been a victim of their own success and could hardly keep up with demand. It works and I guess word gets around.

It was Andy that put me on to this product and he was 100% right. It was the only one which worked for me.

I used this at beginning of year just has a precaution and haven’t seen any since, best product I have used for years.

Over many years I’ve spent a small fortune in trying every product on the market to remove what I have described on many forums as “weirdo weed”. In desperation I even sent a sample to a Government funded laboratory, but they could offer no solution to the frustrating problem. The answer however came from Cloverleaf’s Blanket Answer which I truly believe is magical, and now I have enjoyed several years of crystal clear water without any algae’s.

Sorry friends go for Cloverleaf, EA can cause problems dropping the PH, Barley straw is fine to inhibit but not to exterminate, CLOVERLEAF did a great job for me ! good luck

EA works great but I had ph drop too so now I use Cloverleaf which works good too, the only down side to Cloverleaf is it takes up to 2 weeks to clear from milky white appearance ,but I have just ordered more as I think the rewards of no blanket weed is worth it.

I agree...Cloverleaf, I tried many products before this without results, but this stuff worked.

I use Phoenix 2000, no weed, but this is also down to the Cloverleaf Blanket Answer which got rid of it all in Summer 2005. 4 years ago I discovered Oase string algae control (blanket weed). It was OK, it stopped it growing but never ever got rid. Then in spring of this year I used Interpet Pond Balance...yea, rid the pond of the BW on the bottom and reduced it on the sides to half a centimetre. But then I found this forum and the views on the Cloverleaf gear were tops!! 2 and half weeks since treating its dissolved it off the sides and the scale on the bottom of my pond is coming off. I CAN SEE MY LINER. Don't give that horse a chance to bolt!

Cloverleaf Blanketweed Answer for me every time. I bought some for the first time this year after trying many other methods and this sorted it in a couple of days and its not returned. In fact, of all the things I've bought for the pond this year, its the best thing I've paid for!

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, the best solution, I used it for the first time this year on Rick's advice, and a lot of other members saying how good it is, and as recommended only used 1/2 the dose, Result no blanket weed all year. NONE

Hi all, I’m just writing this for anyone baffled by the endless "miracle" cures for the dreaded blanketweed. I was told about Cloverleaf's blanket answer so decided to give it a go after a particularly heavy infestation in my pond for reasons unknown, The water went cloudy for a couple of days then it cleared & immediately you could see the beginnings of it working. After 2 to 3 weeks there is nothing left, the people I got it from say its common to use just half the recommended dosage which I don’t doubt, so there you have it, buy some next time the dreaded weed returns, amazing product !!!!!

I don’t go a lot on gadgets they never seem to work how they are supposed to. The best thing on the market for Blanket weed in my opinion is Blanket weed Answer from Cloverleaf. I don’t know any one that has used it and hasn’t had fantastic results. Gets my vote every time. Justin

Hi Tom Cloverleaf Blanket Answer is the name of the product I have recently used it myself and it works wonders. It took approx 2 weeks to rid my pond completely of blanketweed. It also puts a nice polish on the water.

Having read the letter from Nigel Farris in the December issue (Koi magazine), concerning the death of his three Koi and the application of Cloverleaf’s Blanket Answer, I thought I’d write to let you know I had quite the opposite results. I used Blanket Answer in my 2,750-gallon pond after a particularly sudden and heavy attack of blanket weed. After three or four days the cloudiness caused by adding Blanket Answer started to clear and immediately the blanket weed had started to die off, and in the next few days all I had to do was make sure my bottom drain didn’t block up – such was the rate of the weed dying! It had gone without a trace after two weeks, with my fish feeding well all that time and with no ill effects whatsoever. Fingers crossed, it has shown no sign of coming back. I was sorry to hear of the demise of Nigel’s fish but I can’t endorse this product enough.
Danny Long (via email to Koi magazine

Go with Cloverleaf Blanket answer as recommended. Used the stuff for the first time about 3 weeks ago (2 full bottles) and it has worked a treat. I think it may be the only bw product that does what it says on the tin. Your sturgeon will be very grateful. Cheers.

I used Cloverleaf for the first time about a month ago, I put the full amount stated on the bottle in, after 2 weeks all my blanket weed was gone and I now have crystal clear water. Amazing product.

Put my Cloverleaf Blanket Answer in my pond on Saturday, wow is the only word I can use. Excellent stuff noticed a difference within a few hours, but the one thing I’ve really noticed is my sturgeon is a lot happier not having to fight his way round the pond anymore. Thanks for all the advice.

Tell you what - many people have wasted a LOT of money in the past on BW products that didn't work. Have you seen a single person post up yet that Cloverleaf’s Blanket Answer didn't kill their BW?

Used the EA stuff, it made water PH unbearable and its not cheap, my advice use the Cloverleaf stuff, it works and is reasonable to buy.

I had success with EA last year but not this year. I started dosing in March, bought a big tub for 50 quid, dosed for 8 consecutive weeks instead of the recommended 3 ....... and it hardly had any effect. I slightly overdosed with Cloverleaf treatment and its all gone. Just had a weeks holiday and got back to crystal clear water.

I gave it 3 goes with the EA earlier this year and it was still growing, hit it with 2/3rd dose of Cloverleaf Blanket Answer and it is back to bare walls - my pond was clearing after 2 days and crystal after about 4/5.

I used this in my pond last year, having tried a wide variety of other treatments. Cloverleaf has worked wonderfully well, in contrast to all the other products, which had a limited effect.
Peter Walker

Treated my pond with Blanket Answer - Only product that has every worked as well as it says it does - Easy to use - Well worth the money because it really does work. Regards, Yvonne Thirkell.

Whilst on holiday I saw Blanket Answer at an aquatics centre but I was a bit wary of purchasing it as I had tried many expensive remedies in the past which just did not work, even with multi applications. However the aquatics centre assured me that Blanket Answer did work as they had used it themselves. The results were amazing, my pond started clearing up after about a week and now a month later it is crystal clear and back to what it was when new. I just hope I can purchase it locally if I ever need it again.
A big thanks for this product.
Ron Bangs

Don’t consider buying anything else to try and solve your blanketweed problem. This product is amazing! I used the full dose in my 8000 ltr pond. The water was milky for 4 days after which it started to clear. After 9/10mdays the water was crystal clear and the only remnant left of the blanket weed were some very light green dead clumps which were easily removed with a net and a light covering of light green slurry on the marginal shelves and pond bottom.
An excellent product which I would use again if required
M & G Forknall

This is amazing… Had to apply twice because did calculation wrong, then had a couple of weeks of slimey goo (I wasn’t quite sure what to do about that but it was quite easy to scoop out with a net). Now the pond looks great, and the fish and frogs are very happy! Christine

I'd just like to say a huge thankyou. My husband and i have had a pond since we moved to wales from london 12 years ago. And we have been fighting with blanket weed forever. We have tried the lot ,everything on the market has been put in our pond with no result .. Untill now. Blanket answer is totally amazing ,i was at the point of giving up as its been so warm this year the weed was taking over and we were covering the pond on warm days and full sunlight with our umbrella from the garden table . To try and keep the weed down. I was forever going in pond with a bamboo cane ,wrapping it up like candy floss... I was browsing the net(ebay) 2 weeks ago and found your product. I thought hell why not was the best purchase i've brought in ages. My pond was cleared within 2 days from the white mist. 2 weeks later it's ate away at the lot. My fish seem more livley,feeding better too..And i've not had to clean my filter as often. I can actually see my pots at the bottom and my oxygen plants are weed free ..totally fantastic . Thankyou once again for this miricle product ,i will be praising your product to all i know who have ponds and i've passed on your link to several friends already. Next on my list is the sludge buster ,keep up the amazing work. One very satisfied customer.
J.Perkins,Newport,gwent ..

hi just to say everyone that this product is the best on market just like everyone tried most products,this one the greatest .thanks alan herts

Approx 10 months ago I used Clover Leaf Blanket weed killer - Still have no blanket weed and can still see the bottom of the pond and all the liner - Have got one on standby in the shed just in case - Over the years I have spent a lot of money on various different products - This is the only one that has worked in the long term. Regards,
Yvonne Thirkell.

I first came upon this last year for the first time having tried all the other so called remedies & I have to say that it does exactly what it says on the container , I used it in feb last year & had no problem whatsoever for a year & I have just done it again that is two treatments in a year fantastic I would recommend it to anyone to give it a try , so a big thanks for such a brilliant product

At long last I have found a product that fulfilled the adage of 'It does what it says on the tin'. After trying products to do with all walks of life, cleaning, food etc I think I can say that none have delivered what they promised as well as Cloverleaf Blanket Answer.

I have been trying for years to rid my pond of blanket weed even after draining the pond and scrubbing the sides to remove it the weed would return within weeks.

I have spent a fortune on other treatments which I will not name and at one stage I thought I had found one. This product which I will not name killed all the floating weed but then managed to leave a horrible brown sludge floating in the pond, blocking the pump and filter to the extent that I was cleaning them both every other day. This product also made my resin waterfall turn black and lo and behold the weed was back 3 weeks later growing stronger than ever.

And then, I spotted your site with all the recommendations for Blanket Answer and thought I would give it a try.

I must admit that I did actually use two doses spaced about 2 weeks between but I think this was more to do with my dismal view of blanket weed solutions I had used before.

I really could not believe the results from Blanket Answer because after the second dose I went on holiday for a few weeks and on my return not only had the floating weed disappeared but the water was now so clean that I could see the sides of my black pond liner with no signs of the weed there either, something I had not seen for years. I also thought that someone had come in when I was away and fitted a new waterfall as Blanket Answer had completely returned the falls to their original colour.

Once again thank you for a wonderful product it is now nearly six months since my first use of your product and still no sign of any weed and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Usual disclaimers, I have no connection with Cloverleaf or any one who works for them. Yours sincerely
Phil Simmons

Good Evening Cloverleaf, You’ll have heard this tale so many times I’m sure!! I have tried everything this year, a particularly bad one it seems to me, to kill off the rapidly spreading and debilitating green stuff that was 5” or 6” in length in places and was all around and in amongst all my oxygenators and plants, growing on every surface of liner, pond crate, pump and pipe work below the water line. I have tried Tetra Algofin, Oase String Algae control, Viresco Aqua and Waterlife Algizin P. All any of them did was knock back my water lilies, they had no discernible effect on the blanketweed whatsoever! I got so desperate I even researched all the literature on Xterminators, but decided that even I could not live with myself if I bought one; initial cost, long term servicing costs and the potentially deadly effects of copper all being factors! So I turned back to Blanket Answer which worked in my pond many years ago, so long ago I’d forgotten all about it, spurred on by a glowing recommendation from a manager of World of Water on their show stand at this year’s Hampton Court Flower Show, who swears by it for all their display ponds at their branches up and down the country. I added the full dose appropriate to my 3100 litre pond two weeks ago, hoping, but being ever the cynic – well nothing else has worked! I’ve been away for the last nine days but came home today to crystal clear water right down to the bottom of the pond, clean black liner with nowhere a trace of blanketweed, on crates, or in, amongst, or on any plants, pump or pipes, a polish on the water, fish feeding hungrily and everything growing away well and looking superb. I used 1/3 of the tub so a treatment cost of around £6, what a bargain, compare that to an Xterminator! I’ve read so many on-line testimonials recently from happy satisfied customers that say it is the only thing that works for them. I’m happy to add my name to their company. Well done Cloverleaf, you fully deserve your crown as king of blanketweed busters!! Congratulations on a fantastic product, it really does do what is says on the tin (tub)!
Kind regards
Dave Hall

I have tried many treatments over the years to get rid or reduce the blanket weed in my pond,every one has failed.I then used your product BLANKET ANSWER 2 weeks ago, went on holiday, and on my return found all my blanket weed GONE !!!!!!!!
Thank you so much,i can enjoy my pond again.
Mr Peter Dovey

Wow weed free at last Dear All, I would just like to say a BIG thank you to everyone there at Cloverleave. I have had ponds all my life and have been plagued by blanket weed. I think I have just about tried everything that’s on the market from electric to chemical. Even completely changing the pound liner and growing all plants from seed and sterilising everything before putting in the pond. This still did not work the blanket weed still comes back. I saw your product “Blanket Answer” and thought well I’ll just add it to the long list of failed attempts at getting rid of this stuff, but it worked! I can’t believe it for the first time in having a pond I have no blanket weed. The sturgeon can now swim free without getting caught up anywhere the water is crystal clear and the pond looks amazing. I’m just so happy so thank you so much for all your hard work and research into this product. You’ve done it, it works…..Please never change it. Everyone that I know who has a pond I’m telling them about Blanket Answer. This truly is an amazing product that actually works. I’m not just a happy customer but an ecstatic customer who’s blanket week free! YAY
All the thanks in the world from me and any customer who buys Blanket Answer.
Ian Davis